See our Open An Account page for purchasing information or contact our office directly at, 404-841-5858.

Q: Care & Cleaning of Leather

A: Beyond an occasional vacuuming of crevices, we recommend applying a leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months.  This will help your leather maintain its own natural oils, keeping it soft and supple.  We suggest leather care and cleaning products from the manufacturer, Lexol as the PH is close to water and helps prevent stains from setting.  


Q: How to remove leather scratches?

A: You may find success by using a chamois or clean fingers to gently buff minor or slight scratches on the surface. If needed, moisten lightly with distilled water to work scratches out. The regular application of a good leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months will help your leather maintain its own natural oils.  This prevents drying, reducing your leather's susceptibility to scratching.


Q: Do you sell direct?

A: We are a manufacturer so we do not sell direct to the public. 


Q: Can my designer purchase direct?

A: We do have an excellent Designer Program, that is quick and easy to establish. Ask the firm you are working with to email us at to set up an account. 


Q: Is City Collection Furniture Available for PURCHASE Online?

A: No. Service is of the utmost importance before and after you purchase your furniture, and we feel that online sales compromise service. For this reason we do not authorize our products to be sold through any online retailers.


Q: How can I find the price of one of your products? 

A: It’s best to find a to-the-trade showroom on our list of showrooms.  If there isn’t a showroom in your area please call us at 404-841-5858 or email us at to request a retail price list.


Q: Which grade of leather should I buy?

A: See our section on leather here, for the differences in our grades.



A: We are more than happy to send you our leather, fabric or finish swatches. Contact us to request samples. All our upholstery and finish options can also be viewed here.