Grade 4 Burnt Amber

Grade 4 Burnt Amber


Grade 4 Leather: Offered in classic colors, giving a rich and fresh look. These leathers have a matte finish and will age beautifully. Initially very firm to the touch, due to the thickness of the hide, these leathers will break-in and soften over time and also have the ability to absorb the majority of scratches. The grain is natural, plus roller embossed. 

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Cleaning & Care: Leather is a natural, "living" material that breathes and moves as it wears. Care for leather by dusting and lightly vacuuming. To protect and maintain the leather we recommend a leather conditioner; always do a spot test on a hidden area first to confirm results. Do not use water to wash out stains. Wipe with a dry cloth. We recommend that stained or soiled leathers be professionally cleaned.

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